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March 23, 2010

Making the best of a storm to fall in love

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I am tired of being hurt and so I thank god that I am moving on from the past and into a brand new life,
because I hurt my friend John and I know that there is no making it better……
Why? Simply because I totally pushed him away from me……
So i am praying that God he takes care of me,
He sent Tyrone to me,
to help me start over in this love war……
and so now I will wait…..
I wish we could of started over again,
but he won’t give me another chance



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As if the hate itself wasn’t bad enough, this old man chose to take a young man away from his family, causing unimaginable pain to people he never met. How is that possible? How can one lone nut have the power to steal so much from so many?
When a girl is motivated she will do what it takes to make things right between Families….
No matter what it takes,
No matter how many mistakes she makes she will never give up!
She hangs on and remains strong thru the storm…..
She will always remain calm and always learns to get along!

When a boy is motivated to get things in the right direction he keeps his mouth shut and keeps pressing on!
Boys are smarter than girls in different ways,
This is a no longer a secret it’s all about the truth!

People should stop lying so much,
and keep their mouths shut…….
Because they are different in so many things!
Talent comes and goes
Which direction in life,
Only God and You know!

I was always ahead of the years 10 thousand years ago…..
Already ahead of the Show……
How do I know?
The Bible tells me so!

Thank God is ahead of my Life….
and I will always move forwards in a new Direction
Thank God for living Right every day….

No matter where,
No matter how long it takes….
I will just be me…..
and keep pressing on…..
Until God comes to take me Home!

So I am thankful for my E&T….
Thankful and grateful for my E&J……
Without them I wouldn’t Henessy and be without my Remi!

So I will be a Ruff Ryder for LIFE!!!!!
I will try not to be ashamed what these Haters said or did….
One day when I make it BIG……
It’s not how low can I go it’s how HIGH can I Rise!!!!!

So here is the Answer Sky High…..
This angel in disguise will keep soaring HIGH!!!!

Rumors are Haters

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Haters are Here
Haters come and Go
So just leave it alone and let them go
Because Rumors come in and out of people’s lives
No one has the right to talk so much
But that’s what they do!!!!!!

March 3, 2010

Locked down in Avalon….what brown did for ME!!!!

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What did BROWN do for ME?
Stepped my game up a lil bit more than I already was BORN with
A Madame once in VEGAS before and never a slut or WHORE!
Worked at a strip club as a waitress and still made my tips!
By being sexy, having simple conversation, and paying attention
To others born with GAME!
In jail i learnt to braid hair….draw better, and serve GOD as well!
I used to be BISEXUAL and got a tat of a girls name!
JRC means JUST REAL COOL and never a fool…
Call me stupid if you want too,
but peep Game Haters I am Emma aka Da1uLUV2Hate and never CONGRADULATE!
NOW my new MAN is in a prison cell….
Building up from the walls that were built all around our LOVE…WE WERE PUT TOGETHER AS ONE!
and were put together thru FATE itself and than GRACE straight FELL….
Back into the picture but left the last time he locked hisself down!
My love is locked down in Avalon,
A melody of his face is helping me stand strong!
Why? because we got the haters out there!
Left, right, and all around….
Women he had dated in the PAST….
All they wanted was to give it on up!!
Peep game WOMEN we already did WON….and here’s the OUTCOME!
Talk your talk, try to tear us down
Brown stood up for me and turned me around…
From a drug addiction, and self affliction!
They can never turn Us back around!
Why? We are stronger now…..
We are taller now…..
Smarter and Wiser….never giving up cuz we are meant to BE!!!!
SO hating ASS FEMALES listen to me….
I am too much for you to HANDLE….Because their is nothing wrong with being REAL….and stay away from the
My brother Will helped me get thru the looking glass…
Wrote me letters, helped me believe in myself to finish what I simply started!
he can write and rap and has a nice character as well,
there is something about him that all the women want as well!
Mouth Piece is the simple key to the problem….
but you gotta know how to jab and slob them in a fight of players….
That think they got the key to the truth
but my key is deep from my ROOTS!!!
Prison ain’t a joke….it can teach you well!
Solitude brings strength, wisdom and so WELCOME to the GAME BABY
My roots…are the ones you can thank because they made ” Who I am today!”
All the good guys are locked down
while the bad ones are still running the town!
I love him, and he loves me for the real me…..
Pray that GOD keeps him safe every night,
so he can come home, get married , and than we ESCAPE!!!!!!
I am a CREOLE PRINCESS and soon enough to be a ” QUEEN!”
Locked down in Avalon….home front don’t seem long now!
Help us LORD to keep it together until we can move up outta here!
Because ET is gonna be ballin out of control

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