CreoQueen80 Poems

January 25, 2010

Love never Hurt anyone

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LOVE never hurt anyone unless you wanted it too!
How you ask?
Simply by giving it reasons to get up, walk away, and leave!
LOVE was not made to bury you alive or put you in the grave….
LOVE was designed to make us stronger and live longer….
For a WOMAN can pluck down her OWN house better than no OTHER!
How you ASK?
By giving the GOODS to other men out there in the streets!
That just shows her OWN insecurities!
A man is the one to lay down a FOUNDATION…..
The WOMAN is to build up the WALLS….
And not let the HATERS tear them apart, or come in between
So if you want to keep LOVE from hurting than you better LISTEN up
Women stop playing games with your man….
Stop playing with their minds and leaving them behind!
If you leave them don’t get mad when another BITCH steps in!
Its your choice to sink or swim and keep LOVE in the picture!
LOVE never hurt anyone just woke them up to their NIGHTMARE of the truth….
In the beginning GOD created ADAM and EVE…..
what happened after that you already know….
Eve left her man behind and lost her mind…
She listened to a snake that crawls on the ground…
Instead of standing behind her man that stood his tall and represented his TOWN!
So LOVE can be good,bad, or lead to a high rise in death RATES!
Just like a black widow the LOVE you create….
Will either stand tall thru darkness, light, be bright, or remain DULL!
Staying together is up to both of you’ll…
To respect, be loyal, and survive the storms that you are HIT with!
if you give in to the HATERS than you got what you deserve WITCH….
Single, Lonely, and broken hearted,
the MEN are simply finishing what that BITCH EVE Started!!!!


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